Difficulty levels

Discover the perfect crafting guide! Each guide is assigned a difficulty rating, ranging from 1 to 3 hammers. Beginners will love the 1-star guides, while experienced crafters can challenge themselves with the 3-hammer guides.



Discover the guides in this category designed for absolute beginners. Only basic tools that take up little space like a hand saw, hand drill, ruler, hammer and clamps, are needed. Get started with no prior experience and benefit from the use of beginner-friendly language.



Experience and confidence in basic crafting techniques are essential for these guides, as they contain more advanced techniques. Engaging videos will walk you through each technique featured in the guide.


3 🔨🔨🔨 – ADVANCED

Become an experienced crafter to fully embrace the guides in this category. Juggle multiple elements simultaneously and master advanced techniques. Dive into instructional videos that unveil the techniques used in the build.