Creator program

Whether you are a designer, carprenter or someone who knows handcraft, contributing to Handverk can be a good way to build a separate income-stream and showcase your own brand. 

What you get

75% of all guide revenue 💰

At the start of every month you will receive 75% of the earnings from all of your guides. Nice!

Designer showcase ✨

Part of the Handtverk's mission is to help to showcase designers. As a creator, you get publicity in Handtverk's social media channels and on the website it is always clear about who is the creator of each guide.

Retain ownership

You fully own the rights to any designs and guides you upload to You can remove content from Handtverk at any time.

What you deliver

Quality designs and insturctions 🪚

Each guide and design must be approved by Handtverk before it gets published on the Website. The guide itself must be delivered in a PDF format.

No breach of third party IP

Any designs and guides submitted to Handtverk must not infringe on intellectual property/patents/design patents made by other third parties. Any such content will immediately be removed, and may result in termination of the partnership.

Get started

Reach out to or through the contact form if you are interested in contributing as a Creator.