Let's bring back handcraft skills

Reviving the art of handcraft

In the past, it was more common that people had basic handcrafting skills. This was often out of sheer necessity as poverty led to not having any other choice.

What if we could use the benefits from modern technology, such as easily providing access to a vast repository of expert-knowledge, to democratize handcrafting skills in our current time?

Making things using your hands and being self-sufficient can also be deeply enjoyable. Think about the last time you made something tangible that added value to your life and the life of others. DIY isn't just a pastime; it's a journey, from mastering the basics to tackling increasingly challenging projects as your skills evolve.

Handverk = handcraft in Scandinavian

Handverk develops a marketplace intended to increase interest within DIY, where you can learn how to build their own furniture with beginner-friendly guides, kits, and community support.

Handverk also gives creators, such as furniture designers and carprenters, a channel to sell their works. Each design and guide is quality assured.

Our product teaches DIY-skills from the ground up and the furniture is sustainable as it is locally manufactured, and teaches repair.

The founder

I'm Hans-Martin. Creating and improving things is a life-long passion of mine. With Handverk I am excited to merge DIY with high quaity designs and empower you to learn new skills.

Handverk is driven by Hans-Martin Erlandsen, an experienced Product Manager and Designer with a background from Autodesk, Spacemaker AI and EGGS Design.